Bloomberg at the Faculty of Economics

As a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP), the Faculty of Economics offers students the opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg database and take the Bloomberg certificate (BMC).
Bloomberg at the Faculty of Economics

The trading room: what is it?

The Faculty has a trading room of 10 terminals connected to the Bloomberg L.P. service. Providing real-time access to markets and financial centers around the world, it offers a window to global economic and financial information.

In our trading room, students can:

  • consult, monitor and analyze the prices of financial instruments
  • use concrete and powerful analytical tools developed by Bloomberg
  • access a rich database accessible to all students of the Faculty

Our trading room allows students to gain their first professional experience in the financial markets. Today, the Bloomberg terminal is the favorite tool for most operators and market analysts. Training our students to this tool is part of our commitment to prepare our students for their professional life as best as possible.

Bloomberg 101

Master's students and third year Bachelor’s students have the opportunity to attend Bloomberg 101 in small groups of up to 20 students. This course allows students to translate thery into the real-world practice of finance.

The Faculty offers one session every month for which students can register. At the end of this introductory course, students will have the basics needed to use the Bloomberg terminal.

Moreover, Bloomberg 101 is a compulsory course for several degrees: Master Money, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Master Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Bachelor of Business and Applied Economics...

The Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC): a competitive advantage in the job market

Students have the opportunity to access the terminal to obtain, free of charge, the Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC) attesting their economic and financial knowledge.

The BMC is a 10-hour, self-paced e-learning course that introduces and explores the financial markets . It consists of five modules that clusters the main economic and financial concepts:

  • Getting Started: navigation within the terminal, screening for stocks and bonds, portfolio construction and data exportation with Excel
  • Economic Indicators: GDP Monitoring and forecasting
  • Currencies: Currency market mechanics, currency valuation, central banks and currencies, currency risk
  • Fixed income: Bond market, bond valuation drivers, central bankers & interest rates, Yield curve
  • Equities: stock market, equities research, stock valuation

The e-learning allows students to discover the most used functions on Bloomberg, to train them to manipulate the terminal and to read the output screens.

Upon completion of the training, the Bloomberg Institute issues a certificate of completion that students can value on their CV.

The BMC is a significant asset for students, as employers value it particularly. Obtaining the BMC gives them a recruiting edge in a very competitive job market.

Number of students having passed the BMC at the Faculty of Economics:
2018/2019: 129 students
2017/2018: 107 students

Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP)

The Faculty of Economics has achieved the status of Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP), joining a select group of universities worldwide that have the designation.

The Bloomberg ELP program recognizes academic institutions that are leaders in experiential learning through the integration of Bloomberg terminal exercises in their curricula.

Bloomberg is aiming, through this initiative, to build a community of peer universities and professors that provide their students with innovative courses to build their financial market awareness and career readiness.