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A customized study program

You need to earn 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.
Study plans are very flexible. The only condition for you to validate the International Graduate Program in Applied Economics for Business, Finance and Markets is that you need to earn at least 40 credits (2/3 of total credits) with economic courses. Remaining credits can mix French courses, English courses, sport or other economic courses.

Depending on your project, you can build a customized study program:

  • Plan with economic courses only : you need to select all economic courses;
  • Plan with economic courses and intensive FLE (French as a Foreign Language) : you need to select 40 ECTS credits from economic courses, 5 or 10 ECTS credits for intensive FLE (Units FLE1 and FLE2) and 10 or 15 other credits (sport or Business English 1/2 or other economic courses);
  • Or any combination of the two previous plans.

Available courses

Available courses are described in the following table.
Economic courses are marked with a star.

Fall Semester - September to December

Subject Course name ECTS Credits
Industrial organization and strategic decision Game Theory * 4
Industrial organization * 4
Network theory * 4
Macroeconomics Labor market policies * 3
Fiscal macroeconomic policies * 3
Applied Local Public Finance * 3
Technical tools Survey methods and Factorial * 3
Econometrics * 4
Money and Finance International Finance and monetary policy * 4
Cryptocurrencies and bitcoins * 3
Ethic and socially responsible finance * 3
Non economic courses Business English 1 3
French as a foreign langage 1 6


Spring Semester - January to April

Subject Course name ECTS Credits
Risk and international markets Risk and uncertainty * 4
International Trade * 3
Green Economics, environemental considerations Environmental policies and taxation * 3
Environmental evaluation * 4
Public economics Economics of the arts and of cultural policies * 2
Economics of conflicts and defence * 2
Economics of sports * 2
Finance Applied finance using Bloomberg * 2
  Business English 2 3
French as a foreign langage 2 6


April - July

Internship (non mandatory) - 3 ECTS


  • Economic courses are taught by lecturers of the Faculty of Economics. They take place there, as well as English language courses.
  • FLE courses are taught by CIREFE, a French learning center dedicated to international students. Those courses take place on the University of Rennes 2 (Campus directly accessible by metro from the Faculty of Economics).
  • Sport courses are taught by SIUAPS (Sport service). About 70 different sports are offered. Location of the course depends on the activity. Sport courses can also be taken free of charge on a voluntary basis.