International Graduate Program in Applied Economics for Business, Finance and Markets

The International Graduate Program (IGP) in Applied Economics for Business, Finance and Markets is a two-semester program. It is entirely taught in English in small group classes.
Duration : 1 year
Credits : 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
Degree obtained : International Graduate Program in Applied Economics for Business, Finance and Markets / Graduate program
All courses are taught in English.
Next intake : September 2023


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Program presentation

The IGP program will allow you to boost your career as an economist and manager, whether in the private or public sector. You will continue to deepen your skills, and you will gain professionalism to enter the job market with confidence.


This IGP is your gateway to the world of economics. We offer you a wide range of lectures in applied economics so that you can get a detailed overview of how the main economic mechanisms operate in various domains such as finance, industrial organization, business, public economics, macroeconomics and the markets.

For those who are interested in getting a specific technical training in data management, we also offer courses in statistics applied to business and economics, econometrics and time series analysis.

Because world and local markets are changing rapidly, with higher levels of risk and uncertainty, a sound understanding of the fundamental underlying economic mechanisms is a necessary prerequisite to better respond to those changes and to deal more efficiently with turbulent markets. New demands and expectations are urging us to rethink in depth the individual and collective strategies of firms, consumers and governments. Economists and managers thus really need a modern and clear vision of the new market conditions in order to face these new challenges.
Therefore, the main objective of this program is to help you acquire an in-depth and sound knowledge of the main economic processes at work, the challenges at stake as well as the ongoing strategies related to those. You will acquire a thorough understanding of the different layers of the field, including at the company, market, national and international relationships levels. Moreover, combining applied lectures with strong scientific understanding will give you an accurate and up-to-date view of economic realities as well as critical thinking, so as to help you grow into a skilled but also modern professional.

You will also get the opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg database and take the Bloomberg certificate (BMC).

Explore all the courses available here.

Courses are taught by senior lecturers from the Faculty of Economics.

To enhance your immersion in France, you will also be offered the opportunity to study French as a foreign language. Depending on your proficiency, you may consider taking different courses: beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced courses.

You may also complete an internship (up to 3 months) after the two academic semesters.


Before arrival, you will benefit from administrative support, integration and accomodation support by the program coordinator, the International Office and the International Mobility Center.

During your stay, Professors and Head of program will provide you courses support.

You can also benefit from the optional one-week intensive refresher course in Management and Economics during the first week of September (extra tuition fees).

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees amount to 4 500 euros for the full year. These include registration fees and access to the facilities (library & sport facilities, language courses). These do not include transportation and accommodation costs.

The tution fees for the one-week intensive refresher course are not included in the IGP tution fees.