To put academic knowledge into action and to enhance professional skills, the Faculty of Economics requires each student to complete one or more internships during their study period.

Internships may happen within public or private organizations, either in France or abroad.

At the Bachelor level, a minimum 4 week internship is mandatory. It can be carried out from the first to the last year of undergraduate studies (third year) though it should to so outside course or exam periods.

During the first year of Master (graduate studies), an internship of 6 weeks minimum must be carried out from mid-April to August. During the second year of Master, an internship of 4 to 6 months is required. Depending on the program, the training period may begin in January and should end up by October.

All internships are subject to a mandatory agreement between the host organization and the Faculty.

The Training & Job Office of the Faculty supports the students in designing their professional project and their search for internships. The office offers practical help in writing resumes and cover letters. It also connects students and companies by organizing events: forums, conferences, job interview simulations, information meetings on Master degrees...