Live in Rennes, France

Rennes is situated in the West of France, in the Brittany region. Located 1,5 hour by train from Paris and 1 hour by plane from Barcelona, London, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Copenhagen, Faro.
Rennes is widely known as a student town and students make up most of the city’s population.
Awarded France’s most pleasant city to live in 2020 by the recruitment platform Hellowork.
aerial view - Julien Mignot

Where is Rennes located?

Rennes is the capital of Brittany, a one-of-akind region in the west of France. Located 1,5 hour from Paris and one hour from Le Mont St Michel, Rennes is a lively, attractive, affordable and safe city.
It is the tenth largest city of France and the inner population of the city is around 210 000 inhabitants.

How do I get there?

Thanks to the TGV, a high speed train, Rennes is only 1,5 hour away from Paris. Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande airport is situated only a few minutes away from Rennes and flights to and from various European destinations are available daily. It only takes an hour to get from St Malo to Rennes, so taking the ferry from Portsmouth is another option. A regular bus service also connects St Malo and Rennes.

What kind of city is Rennes?

Whatever your interests, the city has something to offer you. Get a taste of French culture and gain an in-depth experience of life in another country!

Rennes is a culturally diverse city and is known for its rich student life, stunning architecture and flourishing nightlife. The older part of Rennes, around the Place Sainte-Anne and Place des Lices, is the place to be to grab a bite, socialize and do some shopping.

If you are interested in Art, you can go and see a play at TNB, visit the Champs Libres museum or catch a show at the Opera. In December, the Transmusicales festival will appeal to music fans, with large concerts and many smaller gigs in bars. A massive cinema is located on the Place Charles De Gaulle, and shows the latest films.

As far as transport is concerned, Rennes benefits from a subway with stops at all the most important spots. A second line is due to open in 2018.

Economically, Rennes is a very active city. Indeed, its motto is “Vivre en intelligence” and clearly shows that grey matter is a valuable resource.