International Master in Public Policies

The International Master in Public Policies is a joint program with the Universities of Fribourg, Tampere, Piemontale Orientale, Masaryk, Turin and Minho.

This 2nd year Master level program teaches students the various activities of governments – expenditure policies, tax instruments, macroeconomic and regulatory policies – in an evolutionary, comparative, international perspective.

Graduates from the International Master in Public Policies (IMPP) will be active and dynamic players in processes of management and reform of public sector activities and agencies, in a plurality of institutional contexts and countries. They can typically be employed in:

  1. International organizations (EU, IMF, OECD, etc),
  2. National administrations at the central and local levels,
  3. Banks and financial institutions, especially in the assessment of country specific risks and policy evaluation,
  4. Nonprofit organizations and think-tanks.

The IMPP offers double-degrees with 6 partner universities (Friburg - Switzerland, Tampere - Finland, Piemonte Orientale and Turin - Italy, Masaryk - Czech Republic and Minho - Portugal). The program also welcomes students from several Asian partner universities and institutions as well as individual applications from all over the world.

More information on:

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The Master's website here.