One-week intensive refresher course in Management and Economics - BBAE

The Bachelor in Business and Applied Economics is tailored for students with a proficiency in Management and/or Economics. However, students proficient in scientific areas such as physics, mathematics and statistics can also be admitted to the Bachelor program, provided that they previously attend the one-week intensive refresher course in Management and Economics.

The one-week intensive refresher course in Management and Economics will be systematically offered to students who have not acquired sufficient credits in Economics, to ensure their success for the degree. This will be the condition for joining the programme.

This course lasts for six consecutive days (6 hours per day) during the first week of September. It gives an optimal level of knowledge in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Management through an appropriate pedagogical method using both theoretical considerations and applied cases.

In order to make this intensive training smooth, every day starts with a morning breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00.  Moreover, students attending this intensive upgrading program will have the opportunity to benefit from a regular mentoring service during the first semester (2 hours per month).

The tution fees for this one-week intensive refresher course are in addition to the Bachelor tution fees.