Our degrees

The Faculty of Economics offers a wide range of training courses in various fields at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degree levels: banking & finance, economics, statistics...

Our degrees are highly qualifying and therefore guarantee our students an excellent head start in their careers.

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Our degrees taught in French

Degrees taught in French are accessible to international French-speaking students.

The Faculty offers the following Bachelor's degrees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management, which proposes a balanced mix of courses in Economics, Management and Quantitative skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computing Applied to Social and Human Sciences (MIASHS), which develops in-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics applied to economics.

At Master's level, our offer is organised around 8 teaching-research topics:

  • Public Economics and Management
  • Social and Solidarity-based Economy
  • Economics of the Environnement, Energy and Transport
  • Money, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Management of Innovation
  • Management of SMEs-SMIs
  • Business Law
  • Applied Mathematics, Statistics

Our international degrees

The Faculty offers the following international degrees, entirely taught in English:

International degrees can be accessed to English-speaking students without French-language pre-requisites. Students will be able to benefit from all the advantages of great teaching whilst learning French and enjoying their stay.

Alternate training and Lifelong learning

Our degrees are open to lifelong learning that enable individuals with former work experience to earn a new degree and boost their carrier. Some degrees also provide opportunities for alternate training with work-study contracts.