Professional integration

The Faculty of Economics focuses on the quality of its graduates, recognized by employers.
Professional integration at the Faculty of Economics

Post-graduate opportunities

The Faculty of Economics’ high-quality research and teaching provides an excellent learning experience for students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
This vibrant learning environment is complemented by empowering opportunities for personal development to prepare our students to succeed in their professional life.

Professional integration survey

93% of graduates have a job one year after graduation.

Source : Professional integration survey 2015

The future of Master graduates is the subject of two surveys which take place:
- 6 months after graduation

- 12 months after graduation.

Since 2008, for every class of graduates, all students are interviewed by e-mail or by telephone whether they are French or foreign, in initial training, apprenticeship or continuing training.
Response rates for both surveys are consistently between 85% and 90%.