A research-intensive University

The Faculty hosts the Center for Research in Economics and Management - CREM. It is affiliated to CNRS, the excellence research public consortium in France.

The CREM laboratory brings together researchers from the CNRS, Université de Caen and Université de Rennes 1.

Backed by the CNRS, this research unit develops both theoretical and applied work in fields relating to Economics and Management.
The center has over 240 members.

Researchers publish their work in high-ranking national and international journals. Here are the three areas of research of CREM:

  • Microeconomic and macroeconomic public policies
  • Network and digital economics
  • Risk and economic behaviors

The Economic department is part of University of Rennes 1. The University of Rennes 1 is among the ten largest public research universities in France. It is a multi-disciplinary university with 19 faculties, graduate schools and institutes in various fields.