From New York to Rennes

"Rennes has so much to offer. It is a smaller city but has everything you need. Rennes will always hold a special place in my heart."
Jennifer Carrera

Jennifer Carrera, a student at Farmingdale State College, came to study at the Faculty of Economics during Spring semester 2020, as part of the Rennes Exchange Program in Economics. She testifies about her experience:

What did you think of the city of Rennes?

I chose to study at Rennes because after a bit of research I saw what the city of Rennes offered. I thought it would be great to study somewhere that was up and coming. With the campus located in the middle of the city it gave me the ability to walk almost anywhere.

Rennes will always hold a special place in my heart. It offers the authentic French culture while also becoming more modern.

Rennes has so much to offer. Shopping, a good nightlife, and historical points throughout the city.
My favorite thing about my time in Rennes was the food. The weekly markets found around the city are amazing.

What surprised me the most what how beautiful Rennes was. It is a smaller city but has everything you need. I arrived with an open mind and was left speechless.

My time at Rennes was cut short due to the virus. I am definitely planning of visiting again. It is truly a beautiful place.


What did you think of the Faculty of Economics?

The Faculty of Economics is great. The professor are very caring and want their students to succeed.
The Faculty of Economics offers a good variety of courses to its exchange students. They also offer the flexibility of taking courses with their partner schools which is also appealing.

If there is ever a problem that arises don’t hesitate in asking for help. People from the international office are amazing and help in any way they can.


What about accomodation?

I resided in a student hall of residence, at Patton. A bit further from the city center but the bus makes it convenient.
The rooms are standard sized for an American dorm. The bathrooms are a bit tight but bearable.

I made many friends while living there. We always planned dinners together.


A word of advice for students who would like to come?

I always recommend to be open minded. Rennes has so much to offer. They give many resources to help you while you’re there. Many people would turn down the opportunity to study at Rennes because they probably never heard of the city but there is so much to see and do. It is also in a region that has many great towns to explore.